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CARBURES is a company with an international business with wide development and high added value due to its knowledge. We are an engineering and manufacturing company in composites structures, specializing in carbon fibers. CARBURES has two headquarters: Europe started in February 2002 and USA started in July 2011 in Greenville, SC, located on the South Carolina Aviation and Technology Center property. The continuous generation of value and the know-how acquired since its beginning as a research group has allowed CARBURES to be a provider of carbon fiber structures in the aviation, naval, automotive, rail, infrastructure and healthcare fields, contributing actively with the first level aeronautical constructors to reach results.

In its value chain, R+D+i, design and calculation, Non-recurrence Engineering, Manufacturing, Recurrence Engineering, Optimization and improvement processes are integrated; therefore Carbures employs a high qualified teams of engineers and operators, specialized and involved in achieving goals. We also have the highest and most prestigious certifications in Quality Management System and Process Certifications that allow us being first level providers of aero-structures in composites.


Department involved in the project

The department of R&D of CARBURES together with enginery will be involved in the project. The department has 14 engineers. This department has the responsibility to develop new projects as well as improvements in design, composite formulation and manufacturing process. The department works together with the department of enginery to transfer the project results


Main contribution to the project

Main contact

Bartolome Simonet
Carbures Europe SA
Tecnoparque Bahía de Cádiz
Calle Ingeniería 4
11500 El Puerto de Santa María - Cadiz

CARBURES will participate in WP1 and WP8. The main contribution will be the design and manufacturing of a prototype of a structural element of a car in carbon fiber. The contribution will involve improvement in design, improvements in joints metal composite as well as improvements in the manufacturing process to assure the requirements of automotion.

Key people involved

Bartolome Simonet is doctor in Chemistry since 1998. Is author of 3 chapters and more than 95 international papers. He is director of five thesis. He has long experience in composite characterization, improvements in nanotechnology as well as manufacturing process. He is the Corporative Technological Manager of CARBURES.