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ALPEX Technologies (ALPEX)

ALPEX Technologies is focused on high-quality tooling for the aerospace, automotive and many other industries. As professional engineering and production partner, our performance spectrum comprises the entire implementation from conception, design, engineering to manufacturing, assembly and quality control. Our specialist knowledge combined with many years of practical experience and professional project management as well as the use of state-of-the-art technologies in engineering and manufacturing forms our core competencies.


Department involved in the project

In the aerospace sector, ALPEX competency lies in the conception, design and manufacture of production equipment for the processing of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP). In the automotive segment, ALPEX competences lie in the engineering and the manufacture of tools and moulds for CFRP components (carbon fibre reinforced plastics) and plastics.

The following production means are developed and manufactured by ALPEX: laminating and gluing devices for prepreg or resin infusion; assembly and handling devices; holding fixtures; RTM-tools; Preform-tools. Thus, ALPEX is able to comprehensively support in the manufacture of components of composite materials and contribute to fulfilling the requirements for weight reduction in aircraft construction.


Main contribution to the project

Main contact

Bernhard Rittenschober
Alpex Technologies GmbH
Gewerbepark 38
6068 Mils


Through its extensive know-how and our many years of project experience, ALPEX hold an extensive experience to support the automotive industry particularly in the trend towards light-weight construction and thus to the use of CFRP-components, especially through its in-depth knowledge in the RTM-process. ALPEX will contribute to the development of the automated multifunctional preforming system able to cover the process steps material handling, placement and draping (WP3). ALPEX will be also actively involved in the development of the integrated process and corresponding multifunctional tools (WP4).

Key people involved

Marcel Klautzsch, is graduated in plastics engineering ((University of Applied Sciences of Rosenheim) and holds a MBA. He has 8 years’ experience in the field of fiber technologies and has notably worked at EADS Innovation in München. He has joined the Sales & Technology department of ALPEX since 2004.



Mag. Bernhard Rittenschober is graduated in Physics from the Institute for Applied and Ionphysics of the Universität Innsbruck. He is researcher at the Technology & Development Department of ALPEX since 2010